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b. 1985 France
Emeric Fohlen was raised between France, Senegal and the USA. After studying communication and journalism in Paris, Emeric traveled for a year across Asia from Beijing to Bangkok. It is then that he confirmed his passion for photo-reportage and feature work. His immersive approach to journalism allows him to develop comprehensive work on important social, economic and political issues in different territories such as Tunisia where he questions the role of the youth in the recent political changes. 

During the past 10 years, Emeric Fohlen as been working on short and long term projects such as the Roma camps situation in France in 2013, the Ukrainian revolution in 2014, the Burning Man festival in the US in 2015-2017, the notion of secularity in the Maghreb in 2016-2017 and the Christians situation in Pakistan in 2018. His work is published and commissioned regularly by French and international periodicals including Paris Match, VSD, M le Monde, D la Repubblica, Le Figaro among others. He also regularly works with Greenpeace and the European Parlement and his corporate clients include SNCF, Sanofi and Veolia among others. He is distributed by HansLucas in France and by NurPhoto at the international level.

Currently in Paris, FRANCE     

Mobile: +33 6 52 78 29 19

Mail: efohlen@gmail.com


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2019 : Exhibition @ Rencontres photo professionnelles de la Méditerranée / LGBT en Tunisie / Tanger, Morocco  

2019 : Exhibition @ Direct Travel Fair / Destination Pakistan / Paris, France

2019 : Exhibition @ Tourism World Fair / Destination Pakistan / Paris, France

2018 : Projection @ Festival de l'expression sociale (projection) / LGBT in Tunisia / Grenoble, France

2018 : Exhibition @ UNESCO headquarter / Rhyme is no crime / Paris, France

2017 : Exhibition @ Les rencontres photographiques du 10ème / Rhyme is no crime /Paris, France

2017 : Projection @ Festival L'oeil urbain / Rhyme is no crime / Paris, France

2017 : Collective Exhibition @ Maison Rossini / Independence Square / Paris, France

2016 : Exhibition @ Tagstore / Rhyme is no crime / Tunis, Tunisia 

2016 : Finalist @ The Mentor-Freelens award for Rhyme is no crime

2016 : Exhibition @ Galerie de l'Institut Français de Tunisie / Rhyme is no crime / Tunis, Tunisia

2016 : Jury selection @ ANI-PixTrakk Award for Rhyme is no crime

2016 : Jury Award @ the Mentor Session / Rhyme is no crime

2015 : Exhibition @ Ministère du Logement / Les habitants du périph’ / Paris, France

2014 : Collective Projection @ Festival VISA pour l’image / Ukrainian revolution / Perpignan, France

2014 : Exhibition @ Friche de la Belle de Mai / Les habitants du périph’ / Marseille, France


Le Monde, Le Figaro, Libération, Le Nouvel Observateur, Paris Match, VSD, Le Point, La Croix, le Pèlerin, La Vie, Jeune Afrique, The Guardian, Al-Jazeera, Afrique Magazine, L'Humanité, L'Humanité Dimanche, Courrier International, CBS, nationalgeographic.com, D la Repubblica, Newsweek, Marie Claire, France Inter, The Daily Mail, The Frankfurter Allgemeine, Soixante-Quinze, M le magazine du Monde, Vice.com…


Greenpeace, Amnesty international, Ministère du Logement, UNESCO, Parlement Européen


SNCF, Sanofi, Véolia, le Figaro Media, Elabe, Azzana Consulting, Stelau, Daniel Féau, Les cuistots migrateurs, Union des Annonceurs, Yahya, World Press Photo, Paris School of Business, Paris-Saint-Germain, Orange.